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“Whenever there is a crisis change the gear”. In the field of Agriculture farmers are reluctant to change the mode and style. Our motto is to guide and help to earn and extra income and makes them important citizen.

We are very proud to announce that for the last few years we are spreading awesomeness to our community and we have helped a lot people to shape their better future and life! I hope we are doing best we can. If you have any kind of questions please call or contact us.

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Balanced ration suitable for high yielding milk animals having daily yield of 10 litres . Helps in maintaining the production, reproduction and health status of the animal without giving additional feed ingredients such as bran, cakes etc.

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Balanced ration formulated for calves above 4 months of age and pregnant heifers.

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kadco sambath is a premium pellet BYPASS PROTEIN feed for high yielders, yielding 10- 15 litres of milk in a day, kadco sambath has Crude protein of 20% and Metabolisable energy of 2250 kcal/kg feed.Bypass protein helps in increase of milk production and provides higher quality protein. It is 6mm pellet and available in 50 kg HDPE laminated bags as kadco samth and in 50 kg bag

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  • Jose C KalloorChairman

  • Sibi Joseph Vice Chairman

  • Anvar Ali NazarChief Executive Officer

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